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Well come on in. What makes a great home?

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

In so many peoples homes today, you are likely to find one or the other of two things. Either a house is so homey there is not an ounce of style or its a statement home with no soul for a home at all. Finding the happy medium is not as difficult as you may think. And ensuring it oozes charm and gracious living is just what a home needs no matter what kind of home it is. I say it to all my clients - whether interiors or events...if you or your guests don't feel welcome...there is no sense in doing this at all. Owning a home is tough enough as it is, the commitment to keeping it in good shape is a rewarding one.

Finding your passion and love for the spaces you inhabit is the first step to creating the ideal home. Before I chat about the elements you need to create the ideal welcoming home, let me say this:

It's all about you:

Guests who are coming to your home (or event) are coming to visit and pay tribute to you. The home has to feel like you, look like who you are and have a distinct presence of you. These four style elements have to be considered as the most accurate indications of what your home represents.

1. How you live

2. How you treat yourself

3. How you care for your things and,

4. How you roll out the red carpet for your guests

These days everybody virtually has access to lifestyle items that can help you define your personal status in almost every price point in the market. Whether you shop at Mr Price Home, Woolworths, @Home or CKW Lifestyle (yes I just punted my business as a high end design house) *smile*. Your access to things that will establish your sense of personal style and taste is as easy as going online or stepping into a store.

Most people I find are pretty well versed in what is available and this is one reason why I have decided to engage my public and clients into working with me as a designer, to help them put it together - no matter what their price point or status is.

Beauty often lies in the most unpredictable of places. Tough times taught me to be clever and it also turned me into a hunter, not just a gatherer of expensive things. Trade fairs, newspapers, magazines, second hand stores, antique shops, swop shops, online sales sites and more...I scoured the net and let me tell you, you will be surprised what you will find when you know what you're looking for. Add a little fun and imagination (great tools for putting your own touch on things), a coat of paint, a slipcover or two and a stroke of good instinct and you have just what it takes to create a home that is perfectly welcoming and gracious, and dare I say- UTTERLY YOURS.

In the next few articles over the coming weeks, I will share with you just how to start decorating or designing your space, doing renovations and much more. Keep an eye out for such projects to back up my blogs in my Projects section of this site.

To gain assistance or enlist my services check out the booking page where you can draft an email or book me and I will revert as soon as I get your mail.

Good luck, Enlist your imagination ...and let me know how it goes.

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