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What's YOUR Story?

"Everything in my work is about creating the story. From the moment you walk into a space, it should tell a story. A story about the person or people who live there and how they live. This is why no interior (or event) we do looks the same.

Our role at CKW is to create that space using all the imagination, inspiration, craftsmanship and skill we can muster. It's our job to revolutionise your space by bringing good design, good taste and great quality into all we do, so that our clients can enjoy their living spaces with our signature inspiration.

As lifestyle and interior design consultants we draw inspiration from so many things. For me the starting point is the story.

So - what's your story, and how can we help you to tell it?" CK Whitehead

Founder & Style Director

CKW Lifestyle

T: 010 900 4302 / 072 345 1456


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