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CKW Brand & Expertise

"My work ethic is's your home, your space, your lifestyle journey, your celebration - not mine. I am only here to guide you to that great place. The place only you dream about, the place only you can imagine... for yourself. "

CK Whitehead

CKWLife offers a boutique service under the CKWLifestyle brand. Links to our various company websites will tell you more about all we do and aspire to as a company in serving our clients and our community at large.

Interior Designer/ Decorator

Creating Perfect Spaces

As a designer and decorator I aspire to creating dynamic spaces that work for my clients and their vision. Spaces with substance and soul that tell a story of who lives there - besides being beautifully furnished. I pride myself in being flexible and resourceful. No space is alike and shouldn't be, especially not because it's a product of CKW Lifestyle.


Bespoke Furniture Design

Committed to Quality

Sitting pretty is one thing. But falling in love with a piece of furniture because it is made for life, your lifestyle - is even more luxurious. Luxury isn't simply something you see in a store window or on a label, it's luxurious because its created with passion and great experience. In the end sophistication is not decoration, it is the stylish interpretation of something memorable or unforgettable.

Bespoke Event Designer

Exceeding Expectations

Events and celebrations require more than just magnificent table settings, awesome lighting, glorious food or entertainment. They require people, and making people feel welcome and appreciated is the first step to being a super host and hosting a great event. Nothing inspires more appreciation in us than hearing how much people loved or remember our events.


Lifestyle Expert & Inspirational Speaker

Living your best life

Taking the life experiences, business and entrepreneurial manner in which I have lead my life into account is worth very little if it cannot be shared to benefit others. Writing my blogs I get the opportunity to do just that. My ability to read people's creative expectations and clearly articulate my position to communicate to them- opens a whole world of possibility. I have enjoyed doing workshop talks for various magazine and fabric suppliers, hosting events and telling my life's story in the hopes of encouraging others. I am available to do this for anyone willing to hear what I have to say.

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