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A Designer's touch for an urban home

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

A Johannesburg family home is up for renovation and furnishing. When I met with the client we discussed various options including the move from using one space as a TV lounge to turning it into a stylish open plan dining area.

Formal Lounge: This room is the epitome of cream and beige and without furniture at present I assure you it is very pale. Just wait till you see what I have planned in the presentation images that follow...

Formal Lounge: Before image

Design Suggestions :

Colour scheme: It is proposed the room receives a bold patterned wallpaper that creates an anchor wall to this room and sets the stage for the entire colour palette.

Proposed new Formal Lounge / Sitting Room perspective

Furniture Layout: We propose retaining one long sofa against the left wall, two contemporary armchairs in front of the window and a stylish new Art deco inspired display and book case along the wall on the right. A classic Oriental cabinet behind the door is suggested for a cocktail cabinet and untreated walls are painted in a stunning blue ink shade. Two bench ottomans are incorporated for additional occasional seating.

Proposed Furniture & Decor to the new Formal Lounge

The Proposed new Dining Area:

Previously used as a TV Lounge, this area was not conducive to a seating arrangement. The lower light pendant also hinted at the use of the space as a dining room when it was originally designed.

Currently used as a tv room, this room was not suited to this. The arrangement was crowded and not conducive to multiple uses at all. Being a thoroughfare too was making this room a bit of a challenge as a TV room. Purely on my advice the client opted for moving the dining room here and you will already see the difference.

Design Suggestions:

A stylish new dining area maximises the space for a comfortable 8 seater table and chairs. The feature wall is treated with a geometrical bamboo style trellis wallpaper and decorated with 3 stunning gilded circular sunburst mirrors. Stoney tones and metallic trims create a bold but sophisticated palette in greys and taupes.

A hardwearing rug subtly repeats the trellis concept and and softens the space entirely. Sheer drapes are used to soften the windows but still retain the great natural light and create a magical ambience at night with garden lighting from outside. A swish new chandelier is incorporated with two matching sconces on the walls to convert this chilly room into a sumptuous dining area for formal or informal dining.

The proposed New Family Room en suite to the Covered Patio

This room was being used as the dining room and there is no good explanation to define just how expansive it felt. Even moving the existing furniture into this space did little to create a great family and entertainment room.

Design Suggestions:

The idea here is to open the room up on the main wall some and create vent windows or even a fireplace with top vent windows to create and maximise the light. A stylish printed wallpaper with texture is complimented by a neutral one in the same tones of blueberry and taupes. Modern Totem Cabinetry from CKW's custom ranges create a tiered effect that otherwise isn't so heavy on the TV walls and houses everything from books, dvd's and AV Equipment to a cocktail cabinet for entertaining. Space is provided for a doorway into a proposed new WC in the corner.

Perspective views of new proposed Family Room

Windows are treated with sheer weave roller blinds and unlined sheer drapes. I really believe in layering windows in big areas like this to absorb sound and acoustics and create a sumptuous visual to window dressings.

This home is totally private so the need for drapes are only to retain the heat in winter and keep the light in during the day, whilst creating a magical ambience with the use of outdoor garden lighting behind the sheers at night.

I am excited about this project and I cannot wait to see it come alive. /

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