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New Resolutions: Living your BEST LIFE

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

So we are all guilty of creating new year's resolutions. But if there is one I want to make this year, it is to avoid procrastinating my life and rather to start to live it more. More openly, more wonderfully, more abundantly and more celebratory. The past few years have been really tough for me. I have seen good times and..hard times and while many hide it, I have the profound ability of wearing my heart on my sleeve. Sooner or later I have had to come to the realisation that we all have those times. Some of us just handle it better I guess. Admittedly and without boasting I think I am blessed with a formidable and tenacious character. I have seen my share of lessons in this a kid I probably saw more than my share of pain and disappointment- but through it I have probably learned what not to do, and how not to react. After spending years of my life running from those lessons... I accept that now, it is probably time to take the lessons to heart.

If joy is doing what you love ...then I clearly love ...a lot. CKW

In that headspace, I can only say this. Sometimes, you have to fall to fly, and sometimes you gotta listen to your heart and avoid all whisper and the loud voices telling you .."you're too old, too big, too this, too that..." you just have to go back... hit the restart button to go forward. Sometimes you have to visit your inner child, embrace his desires, his talents and fears and rediscover what joy is. This is my year of self rediscovery. My journey back into the big wide unknown to find the things that passionately please me and the inspirations and joys I have in sharing what I know and what I have learned.

"The more you celebrate your life, the more there is to celebrate" Oprah Winfrey

Getting out there again and giving it all I got. No more excuses, no more hiding in fear and no more procrastinating. Time to celebrate my hard earned life with all its lessons. So for all the things I am not....I am indeed an artist, a poet, a singer, a performer, a designer, a decorator, a party planner, an entertainer and soon ...a writer.... Life's journey is my party... Welcome to my party !

"The only thing better than singing, is more singing " Ella Fitzgerald

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